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Expertise & Reliability in Hydro Excavation

All Vac Solutions stands as a beacon of professionalism and expertise in the hydro excavation industry. With a decade-long foundation in the telecommunications infrastructure, spearheaded by industry veterans Steven and Kylie, All Vac Solutions has been created to offer both wet and dry hydrovac hire solutions tailored to the specific needs of the construction sector.

Operating across both Australia and New Zealand, from Brisbane to Wellington, All Vac Solutions is driven by unwavering principles of honesty, integrity, and a robust approach to problem solving.

Whether you're tackling a major or minor construction project and need expert help and equipment for your specific tasks and needs, you can rely on us to deliver unparalleled service and results.

Our Hydrovac Hire Solutions

Wet Hire

At All Vac Solutions, our wet hire hydrovac service provides you not only with hydro excavation equipment but also a highly skilled operator to ensure the job is done efficiently and safely. This full-service option ensures optimal results, saving you time, resources and minimising your risk.

Minimum terms and conditions apply.

Dry Hire

For those experienced in hydro excavation, we offer our dry hire option, granting you access to our machinery and the freedom to use your own experienced and certified operator. It's a flexible solution tailored for professionals familiar with the intricacies of the hydro excavation process and whom hold the correct licences and tickets as per their country or state legislative requirements.

License and regulation requirements will apply.

Who We Service

At All Vac Solutions, we are committed to serving the diverse needs of the construction sector. While we may not be as large as some industry giants, our agility allows us to tackle both large and small projects that are often overlooked by bigger organisations.

Operating from our primary locations in QLD to Northern NSW, Australia and Wellington and Wairarapa region and surrounds, New Zealand.

Our trucks are not bound by regional constraints, and we are willing to travel wherever our services are needed.

Here's How It Works

Step one

Meet Our Team

Begin your journey with us by connecting with us via phone or email to get the ball rolling and answer any burning questions.

Step two

Let's Chat

Have a conversation with us about your specific requirements, timelines, and any unique challenges your construction operation might face, including but not limited to any onboarding requirements you need the equipment to meet to be able to be used on-site.

Step three

Receive an Email Offer to Onboard

Once preliminary discussions are concluded, we’ll send you a detailed email offering the next steps to integrate our services into your operations.

Step four

Onboarding Process

This next step is the dotting of the Is and crossing of the Ts. It involves understanding the intricacies of your company, gathering
necessary details such as insurance requirements, and ensuring staff using the
equipment (when relevant) have the correct accreditations to be able to operate
the equipment.  Signing of the hire

Step five

Get Started

Once your onboarding has been completed and everything looks good on our end, we’ll have one of our hydrovacs made available to you as per your executed hire agreement.

Get Started With All Vac Today

Dive into a seamless hydro excavation experience with industry professionals. You can trust in our decade-long expertise and unparalleled commitment to safety.

Why Choose Us

Decade of Expertise

With over 10 years industry expertise, we bring a wealth of experience to every project.

Invaluable Advice

We offer a wealth of project expertise in the construction space. This allows us to provide crucial guidance, ensuring your project's success.

Problem Solvers at Heart

Our team thrives on challenges. We are natural problem solvers, ready to tackle any issue that might arise during the excavation process.

Integrity Above All

At All Vac Solutions, honesty and integrity are paramount. We always prioritise people over profit, ensuring a genuine and transparent partnership.

Safety First Approach

The inherent risks in hydro excavation can be deadly. Recognising this, we have stringent policies and procedures to minimise and, where possible, eliminate these risks. Every person should be going home to their families in the same manner as they arrived to work for the day.

Tailored Solutions for Small Projects

We value every project, big or small. Our flexibility allows us to take on tasks that larger organisations may be unable to commit to.

What is a Hydrovac?

A hydro excavation system, commonly known as a Vac truck or Sucker truck, uses pressurised water to break up soil and a vacuum system to remove the debris, providing a non-destructive method for excavating and locating underground utilities. The pressure from the pressurised water hose is set so that it cannot penetrate existing assets in the ground but still dig around them.

Non-destructive digging is great for areas with existing infrastructure, protecting these valuable assets.

Our Journey

All Vac Solutions was created from humble beginnings. We were established in 2023 after first starting All Vac Solutions’ sister company KiwiFibre in Brisbane at the beginning of 2021. From 2016 to 2020, Steven was working with a key partner in the telecommunications industry on Australia’s national fibre network (NBN), having been in the industry as a fibre splicer since 2012.

The NBN project wrapped up, and Steven was made redundant from his superintendent role. It was decided that if the NBN was to start up again, he and his wife, Kylie, would attempt to start a small business and “go out” on their own.

Less than 6 months later, it was announced that NBN would be starting up again. Taking the redundancy and savings, they started up Kiwi Fibre in Australia — a little nod to their cultural
beginnings. It was during this time that they fell in love with hydro excavation while working on the NBN project. With the help of KiwiFibre’s success, they have started up a vac company to allow their colleagues and competitors alike to benefit from the use of their equipment. They value working relationships and encourage people to grow and experience the love for hydro excavation as they do by sharing their knowledge and equipment where possible, which has led to the wet and dry hire of their assets. Kylie has been the administrative backbone of the companies since inception and will be your main point of contact when dealing with those Is and Ts.

Shout Outs & Special Thanks

Frequently Asked Questions

Our head offices are located in Brisbane AU and Wellington NZ. We are happy to look at servicing any area. We currently work in Northern NSW and all of QLD. We also service the Wellington and Wairarapa regions.

Wet hire includes both our hydro excavation equipment and an operator to handle the excavation. Dry Hire, on the other hand, is primarily for experienced professionals where only the equipment is provided, ensuring you have the freedom to manage your project as needed.

To onboard with All Vac Solutions, we have a few documents and general checks to complete and will guide you through each step of the way. This generally will take no longer than a couple of weeks to finalise.

You may have other specific project dependant onboarding requirements based on your client. However, we are experienced, prepared and have an understanding of the demands some clients may request of you in regard to the equipment used on site.

Dig Smarter, Not Harder

Ready to elevate your construction project with expert hydro excavation? Reach out to All Vac Solutions today and experience our unparalleled service tailored to your needs.